Art Direction & Design


I’m 97 years old. Not really, but that’s what people tell me. My absurdly advanced emotional age has given birth to an interesting blend of side effects — the desire to be in bed before 10PM; severe anxiety when my peers make life choices purely by feeling; longing for Cheerios at breakfast — but ultimately I’ve learned to leverage my disability to create work that exceeds expectations. This all basically means I have fresh creative prowess with the level-headed maturity to balance it out.


"He’s a dependable workhorse. Quick. Organized. Detailed. I can count the days I’ve beat him to the office on half a hand. Better yet, Caleb is thoughtful and strategic. He can and will explain “why” when asked about almost any detail of a concept or layout."
David Motter, VP, Group Creative Director, The Integer Group

"Caleb isn't just a focused and professional co-worker, he's a friendly guy with altruistic motivations and unique quirks that make working with him a rewarding experience."
Jordan Spencer, Senior Copywriter, The Infinite Agency

"He is a multitalented and versatile Art Director that understands how to get to the “Big Idea” without loosing sight of the day-to-day work. Basically no job is too small or too large."
– David Bell, Group Creative Director, The Integer Group

“Caleb never ceases to put the best of his abilities and thinking into every project, no matter how small the task. Throw in talent and good taste into the equation and you have an art director, designer, creative, employee, and person that any agency would be fortunate to have on their team.”
Jason Heatherly, Associate Creative Director, Firehouse