Direction & Design


I’m 97 years old. Not really, but that’s what people tell me. My absurdly advanced emotional age has given birth to an interesting blend of side effects — the desire to be in bed before 10PM; severe anxiety when fellow millennials make life choices that stem from their emotion; longing for Cheerios at breakfast — but ultimately I’ve learned to leverage my disability to create work that exceeds expectations. This basically means that I have fresh creative prowess with the level-headed maturity to lead ideas to fruition.


"He’s a dependable workhorse. Quick. Organized. Detailed. I can count the days I’ve beat him to the office on half a hand. Better yet, Caleb is thoughtful and strategic. He can and will explain “why” when asked about almost any detail of a concept or layout." – David Motter, VP, Group Creative Director, The Integer Group

"Caleb isn't just a focused and professional co-worker, he's a friendly guy with altruistic motivations and unique quirks that make working with him a rewarding experience." – Jordan Spencer, Senior Copywriter, The Infinite Agency

"He is a multitalented and versatile Art Director that understands how to get to the “Big Idea” without loosing sight of the day-to-day work. Basically no job is too small or too large." – David Bell, Group Creative Director, The Integer Group

"The quality of Caleb's work belies his experience. You'll find Caleb a critical thinker, relentless doer and capable of producing work that goes beyond expectations."
Donny Epp, Director of Communications, Simmons Foods