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Rethink Your Air

HVAC systems go unnoticed when functioning properly, but entirely disrupt life when broken. Lennox wanted to share how a perfect HVAC system goes beyond simply heating and cooling — it can alleviate allergies, mold, sleep problems, stress, humidity and more. Perfectly comfortable air is often the last thing a home owner would suspect to improve their health, but it’s actually the most important place to start.

The cleanliness and quality of the air we breathe along with its temperature and humidity has a greater impact on how we feel than just about anything else. This is especially true at home where we sleep and spend most of our time. By changing perceptions and challenging people to “rethink their air” we are able to further separate Lennox from its competition and blaze a new, interesting and relevant trail in a category that desperately needed it.

:30 Cleanse

:30 Sleep

:30 Yoga


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Agency: Firehouse | Art Director: Caleb Alba | Creative Director: Tripp Westbrook, Jason Heatherly | Copywriter: Mallory Ashcraft | Director: Jakob Strom