Art Direction & Design

Tame The Trail

Most fall/holiday promotions try to motivate shoppers by shouting prices, discounts and urgency. Not so with Richardson Bike Mart this year. Bikes are cool and fun and RBM has the perfect set of wheels for whatever type of ride you’re into. And when you put it to people that way, it turns out that’s pretty motivating all by itself.

Anniversary Sale Creative

The creative appeals to the unique personalities of bikers, from novices to experts, through animal personalities and traits. I applied a unique illustration style to the campaign to separate the brand from other competitors lifestyle photography approaches. The copywriting cleverly balances strong call-to-actions with language that relates back to each animal. The campaign was placed in OOH, social and digital to stop customers in their tracks during a heavily advertised promotions season.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the campaign was getting to bring the illustrations to life through animation. We carried a lot of personality into the animations, like how we made the cheetah smooth and fast, while the bear puts much more effort into his route. This detail was incorporated even into the background scenes – the city smoothly passes by while the bear’s mountains match the rhythm of his momentous and powerful pedaling.


Holiday Creative


Agency: Firehouse | Group Creative Director: Michael Buss | Associate Creative Director: Jason Heatherly | Art Director: Caleb Alba | Copywriter: Mallory Ashcraft