Direction & Design

Earned History

After Hurricane Harvey rocked the city of Houston, Budweiser wanted to celebrate the historic playoff run and World Series championship for the Houston Astros and the recovering city.

World Series Spot –

Playoff Spot –

I owned the art direction for these spots, and worked with a copywriter and creative director to create and execute the concepts.

Agency: The Infinite Agency
Creative Director: Tim McCarthy
Copywriter: Greg Overhuls
Video Production: Maker Table


Spring Training 2018 | Tino Martinez

To pre-promote Budweiser's partnership with 2018 MLB Spring Training we created social content pieces that featured the most legendary moments from former legendary players.


Spring training 2018 | Legendary Moments

This content piece reminds fans that Budweiser is the Legendary Lager for Legendary Moments. I illustrated and animated the production of this video.

Spring Training 2018 | Mookie Wilson

This legendary moment features one of the most historic baseball plays of all time, and reminds fans that legendary moments come from legendary training.

I worked with an illustrator and animator to create the art direction for the content creation, and a copywriter for the form and messaging of each spot.

Agency: The Infinite Agency
Copywriter: Jordan Spencer
Illustrator: Jermaine Townsend