Budweiser | Houston Astros

After Hurricane Harvey rocked the city of Houston, Budweiser wanted to celebrate the historic playoff run and World Series championship for the Houston Astros and the recovering city. We created a spot that was released the morning after their World Series victory and a spot that ran throughout the playoffs to unite Houston and the Astros during their march towards earning history.

I was the Art Director of the spots, collaborating with our Director and a copywriter to craft the stories, the shots, the production, direct the VO talent, the coloring artist, sound design technician, and video production company.

The two spots received national recognition, scoring some of the highest consumer approval ratings of 86%. They were pushed through Budweiser's social channels and played before Houston Astros home games to unite the city and the fans through the playoffs - totaling 3 million video views.

Astros stadium 2.jpg