Art Direction & Design

Almost Anything

5miles is a secondhand marketplace app that lets people buy and sell goods nearby their homes. This brand was trying to enter a saturated market as an underdog. To set 5miles a part, we created an entire world that housed flavorful environments and characters to represent the variety of products offered on the app. In order to reveal the strengths of the product, we focused on its limited weaknesses. You can find anything on the 5miles app… Well, almost anything.

Brand Spot

:15 Preroll

We custom-built six scenes and crafted unique spaces for our characters to shine in. It was a set designer’s dream. The brand spot captures the variety of personalities that use the app, while the cutdowns focus on more specific experiences. Each scene depicts the diversity of 5miles app users and highlights how the app can help them find anything they could need, within reason.

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Behind The Scenes

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Agency: The Infinite Agency | Producer: Tim McCarthy | Art Director: Caleb Alba | Copywriter: Jordan Spencer | Video Production: Maker Table